RicoSol Studio’s welcomes you to it’s blog

RicoSol studios welcome you to its blog.

In addition to Rico Sol’s podcast of Raza Voz, we will be posting op-ed and commentary from guests. We want you, the listener, to join us in exploring and celebrating all the aspects of what it means to be La Raza.

Raza Voz fully recognizes that a person’s upbringing and culture create a sense of self-identity that can arouse passionate debate and disagreements so we will strive to present the viewpoints of all Raza when we produce our podcasts.

We are together in this land

A Mejicano just arrived in America may not know or understand what it means to be a Chicano or a Mexican-American. Another person raised in Puerto Rico or Nicaragua may prefer to be called Latino or Hispanic while a person raised in New York City may want to be called a Newyorican. Gender identity is important to the latinx generation. Some Raza prefer to speak mostly English and others prefer mostly Spanish and yet others speak the uniquely American idiom of Spanglish. Just look at the way the 2020 Census will catalog us with a variety of classifications. When I see the census I think of the birth certificates of my family members born in the 1920s and 30’s who were called at various times Spanish, Mexican or white in their birth certificates and other documents.

Let us hear todas las voces

Raza Voz wants to hear all your voces, world views, life experiences and opinions of what it means to be part of La Raza. We want to unite La Raza, not divide it, a goal that is vitally important due to the political climate that is full of hate and fear that all Raza lives in today, regardless of what you call yourself, how long you have lived in this country, or where you come from.

Recognition of a shared culture means understanding that Raza is more alike than different and that we need to support each other to counter the politics of Washington.

And finally!

Note that Raza Voz will be doing podcasts in Spanish as well as English so that monolingual speakers can feel they are part of the audience of Raza Voz

Thank you, the Raza Voz team

Amor Por Mi Raza

Karl Soltero | karls@ricosolstudios.com

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