From AZTLAN it begins……..

                    It begins

 Rico Sol Studios announces that it is launching a podcast that will explore the 241-year history of La Raza in Silicon Valley. 

The name of the podcast will be Raza Voz because Rico Sol Studios believes that La Raza needs its voice, hence the name Raza Voz that will allow Raza to express itself and to explore the culture and history of La Raza in Silicon Valley from the time of the indigenous cultures that go back thousands of years, to the founding of San Jose in 1777 during the Spanish period, to the Mexican period, the gold rush, the creation of the agricultural empire known at the Valley of Heart’s Delight and finally to the city of 1 million people in the region that the world knows as Silicon Valley.  

Future conversations will continue to focus on themes involving social justice, particularly because of the political climate that we live in today.  

Raza Voz feels it is critically important to mobilize Raza to participate in our civic duty by joining the community and civic organizations, voting and becoming aware of the issues that are negatively affecting the quality of life of Raza and all citizens.


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