Fred Hirsch: From Sal Si Puedes to the grape fields of Delano.

Fred HirschAs a young boy growing up in Depression-era New York City, Fred Hirsch knew racism and discrimination because of his Jewish background. Beatings, name-calling, and harassment created a sense of social justice that he brought with him when he moved to San Jose in the ’60s.

As an active union man, Fred met Chicano activists who successfully addressed police brutality, education reform, health care issues and voting rights for San Jose’s Chicano community in Sal Si

Fred Hirsch
A true Mensch and Activist

Puedes and other barrios.

Taking his organizing skills to the grape fields of Delano, Fred became a trusted advisor and organizer for Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Union, going from the urban civil rights battlefields of San Jose to the grape fields of Delano and the Central Valley.

Fred Hirsch is what Jewish people call a mensch, a person of integrity and honor, a human being whose sense of righteous anger made him a beloved figure in Raza communities throughout California and beyond.


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