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Teresa CastellanosRaza Voz and Karl Soltero having a conversation with Teresa Castellanos and Ketzal Gomez, a mother and daughter’s two generations of social justice activism. How Teresa has witnessed the social justice movement and the changes and evolution of the Mexican-American experience and Raza in general inKetzal Gomez the USA and particularly in California. And how a new activist, Ketzal Gomez, a member of the new generation called LATINX is following in her mother’s footsteps with her commitment to social justice.

Future conversations will continue to focus on themes involving social justice, particularly because of the political climate that we live in today. Raza Voz feels it is critically important to mobilize Raza to participate in our civic duty by joining the community and civic organizations, voting and becoming aware of the issues that are negatively affecting the quality of life of Raza and all citizens.

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